Thursday, June 18, 2015

24 Ways to connect with God

by Shirley Brosius   from IDisciple

 24 ways to connect with God as you go about your day.

Read your Bible and hear God speak.

Pray and let God listen.

Take a walk in nature and praise God for the wonders of creation.

Shoot arrow prayers as challenges arise
Pray for neighbors as you drive by their homes.

Pray for your family whenever you pause by a stop light.

Pick a symbol that reminds you of God and display it prominently.

Pray for situations as you read the newspaper.

Thank God for the morning as you arise.

Thank God for health as you brush your teeth.

Sing hymns or songs of praise as you shower or drive to work.

Sit and meditate in a quiet place.

Ask God for wisdom in establishing priorities as you plan your day.

Thank God for your food.

Pray for guidance and safety before leaving in your car.

Pray for family members as you see their photos around your house.

Attend worship on Sundays and pray for church staff weekdays.

Listen to Christian radio.

Watch Christian television.

Call a lonely friend and pray with her/him on the phone.

Thank God for your senses when you see a beautiful sunset, hear music, smell food or touch a baby’s face.

Memorize scripture as you exercise.

Evaluate your day as you go to bed and ask forgiveness for sins.

Tell God your troubles as you fall asleep.

If you will add just one of these ideas to your daily routine, then your life will be that much richer.